Quality, efficiency & added-value are our core offering.

Hands-On Involvement at Every Step

At Dynamix-IES, we work alongside with you from beginning to end to ensure your commercial and operational success. We leverage our extensive expertise and dedicate a hand-on team to innovate, reduce unnecessary expenses, and provide you with optimal results ate the greatest value. From concept and design to safe delivery, our take-ownership approach works to efficiently solve any issues faced along the supply chain and adapt with you as the needs of your customers and local marketplace regulations evolve.

This translates into better quality and greater savings to you and the end consumer.


Added Value Across a Variety of Industries

We serve a variety of industries such as Food, Hzealth, Beauty, Auto parts and Medical Devices. With over 25 years of providing the food inductry with brockerage, regularory, export, logistics, distribution ands retail services, we have perfected lean proprietary processes, and developed improements to add value to our clients across any industry and bridge the gap between manufacturing and retail.

Whatever the industry or market, our clients count on years of experience, innovations and creative solutions with a keen focus on efficiency and value.


Macro-Global View with Micro-Local Support

Through our parent and network of owned companies, we have enjoyed successful operations across the globe and established a footprint in countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. We have “on the ground” teams in place throughout this footprint with an acquired expertise in local regulations and marketplace environments.

The result: our clients benefit from the powerful combination of our global success nd macro-view with the micro-local support that comes from our in-country teams and local regulatory knowledge.


Strategic Location for Global Reach

Our warehouse is located in South Floirda at the epicenter between the ports of Miami, Fort lauderdale and Palm Beach. These seaports have grown exponentially ove rthe past decade with an infrastructure to accommodate some of the largest cargo ships in the world. As a gateway to the Americas and the Far East, they play an important role in international commerce.

When combined with our deep relatuinships with most major logistics companies and ocean carriers, our proximity to all of these major seaports enables us to more efficiently support our clients in their global footprint expansion.


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