A macro-global view supported by micro-local expertise & experience.

Who We Are

Dynamix International Export Services is a U.S.-based company, servicing the needs of world-known brands with third-party logistics (3PL) services and warehousing. Located in South Florida and strategically close to the ports of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, Dynamix IES services many industries, including food, health and beauty, auto parts and medical devices.

Over the past 25 years we have been primarily active in the food industry and have provided services in regulatory, export services, logistics, distribution, and retail services. This experience has enabled us to develop efficient processes and procedures to bridge the gap between manufacturers and retailers and bring value where it is most needed.

Big Picture

Dynamix IES is owned by Dynamix International Group (DIG). A company with successful operations around the globe, Dynamix International Group (DIG) connects manufacturers to retailers and consumers, and expertly brings consumer products to market. Dynamix International Group (DIG) global footprint across four continents contributes to our holistic global view at Dynamix IES. Our on-the-ground expertise in regional international markets enables us to assimilate individual cultures and comply with regulatory red tape.


Guiding Philosophy

Ingrained in our culture throughout all of our companies is a philosophy of treating clients the way they treat their best customers with an entrepreneurial mindset, efficiency, and tenacity.

We stand by our commitment to our clients:
• Best-in-class value-added services throughout the supply chain
• A partnership approach with dedicated attention to detail at every step
• Maximization of efficiencies with elimination of unnecessary expenses
• Customization for specific regions to ensure local success

This guiding philosophy and our long-term commitments help us build strong, trustworthy relationships necessary to efficiently bridge the gapo betwen manufacturers and retailers around the globe.

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