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Label Design, Printing and Application

With over a decade of experience and expertise in label design and application, our team counts on an in-house printing department that is equipped with various high-definition thermal printers for printing labels on high quality material and in mass quantities – always in a timely manner.

Our process starts by designing labels according to the specific needs of our customers, the relevant regulatory requirements and the most effective product presentation. We understand the importance and unique location requirements for each product label and address this by designing custom-processes and making modifications and adjustments to our machines. This affords us with maximum labeling flexibility and the ability to handle numerous types of products and cases of different shapes and sizes.

International Formatting of “Product & Expiration Dating” (P&E)

We have full capability for the inkjetting/ printing of the various essential coding on products, such as date, lot number and importation, among others. We can apply multiple lines of text in multiple formats and languages to meet the specific country requirements and the needs of our customers.

Package Design and Repackaging

Our experienced team works hand-in-hand with the retailers, club stores and manufacturers to meet their unique packaging needs and requirements. This includes proper creative designs, structural requirements and tolerances of packages, cases, trays and pallets. We understand that Display Pallet Design and Pallet Reconfiguration is very critical for product presentations, as well as marketing goals. To that end, our dedicated team efficiently guides this process every step of the way.


Heat and Shrink-Wrapping

We are equipped with the necessary machines to wrap the products in various configurations. Our heat-wrapping services are efficient for securing products, trays, cases, as well as accommodating a variety of presentation needs.

Regulatory and Compliance

Our vast Regulatory and Compliance knowledge and experience, which we have gained through years of working in different countries and continents, gives us the unique ability to understand, solve issues and support the specific regulatory and compliance needs of our customers.


Export/Import Consolidations, Warehouse and Services

We have the experienced team in place and are equipped to provide all services related to export/import warehousing, including cross dock, container pickup, delivery, unloading, loading, palletizing, as well as short term/long term storage, and the sorting and consolidation of products.



We are able to provide detailed independent/third-party inspections in order to assure the quality and condition of loads. These inspections include documentation control, surveying of products, reporting of shortages, damages and overages, as well as other customer KPIs, as needed.


International Freight Forwarding

Over the years we have established long-term relationships with carriers and custom brokers and are well-positioned in the international freight forwarding market. Our customers experience a hands-on process to ensure their loads will get to their destinations in a safe and timely manner.


Domestic Shipping and Deliveries

With a commitment to providing an excellent customer experience, we arrange and ship products in the U.S. with a focus on efficiency and reliability. Our customers take advantage of our competitive rates in the market.


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